A Tale I Ought to Tell by Oreoluwa Macaulay


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A Tale I Ought To Tell (ATIOTT) is a woven tapestry of personal stories uncovering the author’s life and perspective on a wide range of topics and experiences. This book explores themes such as femininity, loss, religion and injustice while employing the unique craft of poetry and storytelling.

We all have tales that need to be told. Stories about our past, home, dreams, present and the future we desire.

ATIOTT aims to reinforce the importance and validity of our stories as human beings. In this book the author tells relatable tales to show that no one is truly alone in their struggles and life experiences. The tale she ought to tell is that of becoming, her perception of life and solidarity.

As you read this book, Oreoluwa hopes you particularly reflect on your formative tales, appreciate them for all they are and see beauty even in the ugly ones as she does the same through the poems in this collection.

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