Alphanimals by Genevieve Duruiheoma


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Join Kamsi and his friends to explore the enchanting world of animals – from the fast cheetah to the sluggish sloth; from the earless ants to the stripy zebra! Oh, learning the alphabet has never been this fun! It doesn’t stop at learning the letters of the alphabet! Children, and indeed grown-ups, get to learn some fascinating facts of 26 different animals, ranging from land to sea animals; domestic to wild animals. Also learning the collective name of these animals is what really makes “Alphanimals” a must-have for every child.
Your baby will marvel at the picture of a monkey;
Your preschooler will be happy to name the letters;
Your kindergartener will be amused learning about Hippo’s big fart; and
Your tween will find it really cool that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.


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