Can I be Married Already by Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

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In the pages of this inspiring book, the author answers nagging questions like:

  • Is it scriptural for a Christian lady to propose to a guy she finds attractive or is sure is her God-ordained spouse?
  • Is it compulsory for a Christian to be married to fulfil his/her purpose?
  • When is the right time to get married?
  • How do I overcome the temptation to be anxious because I’m still single at my age?
  • Am I still single because God doesn’t love me?
  • Why do I still have all these sexual urges even though I’m saved and single?
  • How will I know the right person to marry?

and much more.

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6 reviews for Can I be Married Already by Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

  1. Ife

    It is a lovely book and I personally recommend for single ladies and guy. Trust me, it will bring things into perspective. Thank you for a wonderful read.

  2. Felix Smith A.

    This book is like an x-ray machine for singles. It reveals the known and unknown areas of an unmarried person. It helps you with those hidden issues that you might not want to discuss with friends.

    Ifeoma did an amazing job writing this book. I totally recommend it as a good read to everyone and also a good gift to the people you love.

  3. Tutu

    Its honestly one of the best books on relationship i have read. As a single person who desires to walk with God, this book is highly recommended. I learnt alot and now Im more confident in waiting on God for the best than rushing into something thats not His will. Thanks Ify💗

  4. Akinola Oluwakemi

    This book is a MUST READ for every single, married, engaged man and woman…That’s pretty much everyone right? Yes! It’s a must read for everyone. Very succinct and relatable. Everything written there was backed up by scriptures and I would recommend it for anyone seeking direction in this aspect of life. I totally enjoyed it.

  5. Honoured

    To marry and who to even marry is ONE OF LIFE’s greatest decision to make.
    So can I married already? Its either a Yes or No(the ball is in your court), provided you are willing and ready to be teachable, open-minded to learn, unlearn myths and awkward perceptions, relearn new and better ways of carrying out your processes then correctly experiment what strategies woks for you.

    Having read this book, I admit that an impeccable union is obtainable and possible through a hood measure of commitment and sacrifices of both parties.

    This book is written to address everyone especially those at the point of starting or progressing a relationship. Its content is backed up with biblical truths and it has opened my heart to understand that God usually gives his BEST TO THE ONE WHO LEAVES THE CHOICE TO HIM.

    I recommend this book to both men and women who desire God’s best as regards their marital destiny..It transformed my mind.

    Thank you Ifeoma.

  6. Favour Offoma

    When I got this book I was really anxious about the content. The cover was so catchy. Being skeptical about views on marriage, this book changed the trajectory. It’s serves as a guideline in the “waiting phase” and I must admit, I don’t regret any second spent in reading this book. Ladies, this is a must read!

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