Dealing With Bloodline Patterns by Christian Emeruo

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A profound study of many families and communities has shown that many traits, characters, events and incidences have become reoccurring decimals. Effortlessly, they repeat themselves in the lineage such that they can be easily referred to as family patterns. The patterns can be positive, pleasant and desirable. This is the will of God for us. Conversely, it can be negative, unpleasant and detestable, such that the affected persons will desire to be extricated from such negative generational patterns.

What are the diversities, causal factors, effects and strategic approach of breaking out of family negative patterns? These are the questions this books attempts to answer.
This masterpiece is insightful, analytical, educative and enthralling. It is Holy Spirit inspired, timely and timeless in value. The purpose is to achieve the mind of God which is that all believers should be free from satanic oppressions.

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