Denuded by Rhoda Olajumoke Fujah

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The issue of emotional struggles is a global challenge right now whether we care to admit or not.

The Book Denuded teaches about the benefits of emotional health and stability as a lifestyle and how poor emotional health affects overall wellbeing and productivity.

The beginning of the journey to one’s emotional wellness can’t kick off without understanding and accepting the responsibility of loving self. Many people preach and chant self-love but still lack proper understanding of the word. Self love isn’t all about spoiling yourself silly to satisfy your whims, it is actually the opposite. It is doing things that are healthy for your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual growth. It will take discipline, the right amount of selfishness and the fortitude to decide in your favour (long term) even though it hurts.
When you master this is when you can move on to emotional stability which is another journey. This is when you learn to fortify yourself from internal and external phenomenons that could disrupt your equanimity.

Denuded‘s journey to emotional wellness and stability teaches practical ways to cultivate a State of mind that is undisturbed by its exposure to emotions, pains or any other phenomenon that can cause you to loose balance of your mind…. Simply put, finding your EQUANIMITY, Psychological Stability.
It also teaches How to avoid or deal with emotional manipulations, the difference between responsibility and response-ability, paying a price you can afford and lots more.

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