Faith and the City: A Girl’s Search for Post-College Meaning-Jennifer Ruisch

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Faith and the City is personal narrative of being a directionless college grad trying to make it in the big city. The story chronicles the author’s struggle to re-enter the land of the living and figure out how she fit into the picture with people from every religion and background imaginable. A question that keeps popping up is, “Are all the small interactions and events in our lives arbitrary, or is it actually all a part of a divine plan?” Readers who have ever moved to a big city, or just moved to a different city–in search of a job, a mate or an identity will strongly identify with this story. College students meeting people with all different philosophies and faiths will enjoy this book. Anyone who has faced spiritual doubts, depression, frustration and angst will want to read this book, all levels of spiritual maturity included.


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