Firebrand Forerunners by Debola Deji-Kurunmi

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We are about to witness, and it has already begun, the rise of the Ecclesia in her finest glory, her greatest strength and her strongest focus. The Church of the Lord Jesus, which is not a building but a people stong and mighty, will become a vast, irrepressible force on th earth; raising the banner of His Conquest and announcing the Day of the Lord. Their dominance will be propelled by a spiritual priesthood but will have corporate expressions. They will not merely pray in the House of men. They will determine the state of nations and promote the Agenda of the Kingdom in all spheres of human endeavors.

They are powerful beyond measure, for through them, the Lord will raise the mountain of His house, over every other mountain. Hallelujah! This glorious day is already here amongst us and we are most blessed to be this people, this generation set in the context of the Finish Line.

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