Get Ahead by Christopher E. Omoijiade


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In GET-AHEAD, Christopher Omoijiade shares from a depth of knowledge, wisdom and
experience to lay bare the ageless secrets that has enabled people of every race, sex and
creed in times past create their own version of success, he does this in a manner that is
differently refreshing and deliberately curated to help you create the kind of lifestyle that
determines what success means and how it is attained. Without a clear picture of what
success means to you at every point in time, you will find that life can often seem
frustrating and wholly unsatisfying. Chris also breaks down what it means to follow the
clues that success leaves, the routines that call for observation, and the pitfalls that are to
be avoided. Success happens when you find the gaps that you are purpose built to fill.
Success is about the value and attention to detail that can raise excellence out of the status
quo of mediocrity.


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