Girls, let’s get you married by Nkiru Uzoh

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Do you desire a good marriage? One in which you will be loved and adored? A marriage in which you and your spouse will be equally committed to its success? The answer is yes, right? I know so. That is the desire of a great number of ladies. However, most do not realise that a successful marriage doesn’t just ‘pop up’. It takes a lot of work and starts right from the single days. Relax, I’ll help you, Girls, Let’s get you married, is my gift to you.

This book will show you:
– The secret to attracting only the right kind of men.
– How to ensure this right man stays ‘hooked’ to you forever.
– Why your man is obviously delaying to propose after years of dating.
– Why you have been abused in your past relationship/s ad maybe still being abused.
and so much more.

Yes. Read this book, practise the teachings, and thank me.

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