Grace Junkie by Jacqueline Oludimu


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A compelling Story of a woman in search of love in all the wrong places. A story of reckless love and truth, a message of hope, healing and radical transformation. This book is a tool for liberation, a story of how Grace takes you from your painful past, your turbulent now to a glorious future. You will never see life the same way again. It’s amazing how God takes us through fire and we come out with burns turning into scars yet we shine. Even those scars fade away over time and the marks are there just as reminders and nudges to help pull the next person(s) through.

This book is for anyone who struggles to believe that God can still love them, despite their past.

Jackie rips the veil between the preacher and the one who is preached to; she shares her own journey openly and honestly, in a way that shows off the Grace of God. As you read it, put yourself in her shoes, remember all the times God has shown up for you and, most importantly, know that nothing can separate you from His love.

With many lessons in it for singles, marrieds and more, it will make you renew your commitment to dating, marriage and parenting God’s way, with wisdom and keen observation.

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