Husband Hunting 101 by Glory Abah

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I am not your regular girly girl. I hate wigs, high heels, and I detest tight gowns and skirts. Some people call me a tomboy and I don’t mind because let’s face it, girly girls are boring.

My best friend Adaora, who is a girly girl by the way, disagrees completely. When she begs me to join her in her quest to find a husband, I reluctantly agree. Not that I hate men but they are not high on my to-do list. I have three elder brothers who are pigs, I tell you.

Then I meet arrogant, pompous Richard who gets my blood running and for the first time in my life, I just might be open to this romance thing. The problem is that he comes with a lot of drama. From his ex. I’m not the kind of girl that fights over a man. But is Richard worth all the trouble?


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