Husband Hunting 202 by Glory Abah

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People say that a man and a woman’s friendship is like that of a goat and yam. One day, the goat will eat the yam. They are wrong. I have been best friends with Benjamin (Benji for short) for nine years and counting. No yam has been eaten so far, neither will it be eaten. Nothing can come in between our friendship.

But as my thirtieth birthday is approaching and I’m still as single as a pringle, I triple my efforts to find a husband. After all, a girl cannot marry herself. Unfortunately, Benji is cranky and unsupportive of my plans. How can he not understand that I need a husband?

Then I find out he is in love with me. In fact, he has always been in love with me. Well, this yam does not want to be eaten. All I feel for Benji is friendship and nothing else.

Until he kisses me.

One kiss can ruin everything and suddenly, I am not sure anymore if all I feel for Benji is friendship. Love and friendship cannot mix. Right?


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