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Life is a roller-coaster and the ride could get bumpy along the way. Lows and highs are inevitable, their impact varies from person to person as well as the lasting effect. If you’ve been through some tough challenges leaving you broken or at least bruised, then this book is for you. You will learn how to rise up every single time life knocks you down.

This book reveals the secrets, lessons learned, and strategies for you to live an abundant joyous and fulfilled life even in the face of adversity. It lays out practical wisdom and knowledge by the modern-day successful strong black woman. Being knocked down by life over and over again not only made her stronger but gave her a message to share with the world.

Going through this process, you will probably have to do things you never imagined you would do, love yourself in a way that you never thought was possible, end some friendships that are no longer serving you and deal with some things from the past that have been buried so deep you’ve told yourself it happened to somebody else. You’re going to have to push past your fears, be ready to fail over and over again, and get comfortable with doing things that you’re uncomfortable with. You’re going to have to let go of all of your limiting beliefs and hold on tightly to the decision to create the life you desire believing in limitless abundance.

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