Kings and not Slaves: A story of hope by Ola Osibodu

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Set in the late 1700s, Kings and Not Slaves provides an Afrocentric perspective of the cruelties of plantation life. Osibodu?s hero is Prince Tsangu, African royalty, the heir presumptive to his father?s West African kingdom. But tribal conflict leads the prince to be captured by slavers and shipped to Suffolk, Virginia. Renamed King by his captors, Tsangu longs for home. Through his eyes, readers are given an intimate view of the horrors of slave life. Not only must King find a way to survive in unimaginable conditions, but he must also unravel the mystery of a curious prophecy that could spell out his doom.

Steeped in African mythology, Kings and Not Slaves is an essential new read for students of history, folklore, and human rights.

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