Left Field by Olanrewaju Olumide


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The journey so far has been a fair balance of both worlds, a frequent taste of two extremes. I have been bold and timid, confident and nervous in the same circumstance. I have dared many instances and I have refrained in many. Many times I have been down and wanted life to end, and other times I have enjoyed life and wished for more of it. I have probably cried more than most men and in other times, rejoiced more than many. In all these, one thing I can say is, life does not just happen. Therefore, it might be a bit unfair to hoard the experiences that have birthed answers to some questions not openly asked or topics not easily discussed. Unconventional results that have emanated from circumstances and decisions that are “irregular”. In a nutshell, it is about the consequences and the result of refusing to be one of the numbers.


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