Lost Ark Dreaming by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Publisher: Masobe Books

BOOK TRIM: 130 x 210mm

PAGES: 220


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Off the coast of West Africa, decades after the dangerous rise of the Atlantic Ocean, the region’s survivors are crowded into the Fingers—five partially submerged, kilometers-high towers originally designed as a playground for the wealthy. Now the towers’ most affluent rule from their perch on the topmost floors while the rest are crammed into the dark, fetid floors that now lie below sea level.

There are also those who were left behind for dead, only to be reawakened by an ancient power. They are Yemoja’s Children, and they seek retribution from those who offered them up to the waves.

Three lives within the Fingers are pulled to the fore of this conflict: Yekini, an earnest, mid-level rookie analyst; Tuoyo, an undersea mechanic mourning tremendous loss; and Ngozi, a narcissistic bureaucrat from the highest levels of governance. They will need to work together if there is to be any hope of a future worth living—for everyone.

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