My book of Afrobeats Stories by Oluwasegun Babatunde

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Globalisation dreamed of several decades ago is now at everyone’s fingertips. The advent of the internet has brought the world closer than any human or technological power. Music projects by Nigerians and other Africans have been major beneficiaries of the internet age. With our music dominating charts, winning major awards, getting Tik-Toked, and reaching the corners of the earth, it is only timely to assaywhat has been responsible for this progressive stride of a genre tagged Afrobeats. My Book Of Afrobeats Stories (MBOAS) endeavours to run through different times in the life of Nigerian music, starting from the year 2,000 till the present year, 2022. MBOAS carries with it a heavy touch on the lives of tectoniccontributors to this industry beyond their arts and talents.

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