Northern Nights by Abeni


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Strawberries juiced from her lips to his, shot to his head, made him lusty and hazy. Her tongue stole into his mouth and blood roared in his head.

His palm slid lower, splayed over her butt cheeks, held her in place as he ground against the juncture of her thighs.

He was losing his mind but he didn?t care. Desire was flooding his veins and, if the duel of her tongue with his was any indication, she wasn?t unaffected either?.

* * *
Ifekunle just wanted to drink and chill after the weirdest day of his life. But his dream girl walked into his life. Again. Still everything he?s ever wanted and filling him with primal, juvenile lust.

But the rules have changed. And there are rules they don?t even know about until they are broken.

How will desire win over two lifetimes of learnt caution? Will love rescue two souls desolate and adrift?

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