Ogazi Amaka by Ositadimma Amakeze


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Ma o kwenyere na o di nnoo ka mmadu ikwocha aka tiere okuko aki, ma o buru na ya dechaa ederede niile a n’asusu bekee, ma chefuo ide oru sitere n’ ekereuche nke ga-adi n’asusu igbo. Ya mere o jiri gbaa obara ka ike ya ha, ihu n’oru a biara na mmezu. Ugbua, o na-achiko otutu abu ndi o dere n’asusu igbo n’otu obaakwukwo, nke ga-aputa mgbe n’adighi anya

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One whose kinsmen are chorusing íjóm and he’s busy singing íjòm does not need an oracle to tell him that he has sang himself out from the song. This is true because the line between sanity and insanity is very thin that humans intercross the divide often. Ọgazị Amaka is finely brewed as a reality check and a pointer to the fact that what matters after all, is the value we add to our immediate locality in particular, and larger society in general. Painstakingly written in Igbo in promotion and preservation of Igbo Language & culture. Didactic and generous with proverbs, humorous, suspenseful, and gbamsolutely Igbotic!

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