Scarlet by Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu

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For many generations, uncertainty and tension have pervaded both the people of Under The Sky and the wraiths of Kiriyanga, but they trudge on, while holding on to the little streaks of light at the end of this seemingly-never-ending tunnel ? a prophecy that order would be restored on the Day of Scarlet. This imminent respite however, comes with stringent conditions: ? ? until a woman drinks from the confluence of two rivers that do not mix, the Day of Scarlet will not come.? Scarlet is an inquiry into the absurdity of possessing absolute power or its pursuit thereof. With strong allusions to the Grecian myth of Zeus and Hades, and Yoruba myths of love triangles among gods as told of Osun, Ogun, and Sango, or Yemoja, Obatala, and Ogun, woven into and set in tales from Kikuyu lore, Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu lends his voice to the conversations around politics and power-grabbing in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

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