The Bishop’s Prodigal Daughter by Timendu Aghahowa


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The Bishop’s Prodigal Daughter is a warm, engaging, and inspiring story about second chances at love, faith and with family.
Eloviano ‘Elo’ Obrukhe is only returning to her home, the oil rich island of Pakurumo to be a maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding and nothing else. She is determined to avoid her disapproving mother, jealous sister and the boy next door that has grown into a distractingly handsome man.
But nothing about her supposed whirlwind trip could have prepared Elo for her mother’s sudden heart attack, nor the impossible-to-resist offer she makes in exchange for Elo helping to run the family church with her more faithful and dutiful sister, Efezino ‘Zino’ Obrukhe. How could Elo know that this offer would lead to seismic changes in her relationships with her overlooked sister Zino, with her potential soulmate Didi, and with her own fledgling faith?



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