The House My Father Built by Adewale Maja by Pearce

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Having inherited a house in Surelere from his late father, and having waited ten years for the terms of the inheritance to be fulfilled, Adewale Maja-Pearce is eager to take possession of his house. He offers his tenants a one-year rent-free break, after which they are to vacate his house. They accept this, and it looks like smooth sailing. Little does Maja-Pearce know that, when the time comes to leave, his tenants will put him through one of the fiercest struggles of his life in their attempts to stay put. Psychological warfare, endless court cases, intimidation by the police and a possible attempt on his life make up Maja-Pearce?s experience in trying to lay claim to his inheritance.

Simple yet profound, The House My Father Built will delight you with its earnest, humorous delivery and keen insights into the psyche of a nation and its people. This brilliant book captures the essence of Nigeria in the last decade of the 20th century.

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