The Lady of the Glass House by Oluwabusayo Madariola


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Àpèkẹ́ chose to be different and she connected them all.

Eighty years before she was born, on a cold winter day in the city of London, a dying man prayed for his newborn son and his generations yet unborn before breathing his last.

In the sleepy and hilly settlement of Odòde Ìdànrè in the Southern Protectorate, a grandmother defied a mandate and gave her life to save her daughter and grandson.

Àpèkẹ́ fought for her business empire and chose to forgive an emotional wrong that occurred in her youth.

The Lady of the Glass House is the story of a young woman who broke cultural expectations to defy the odds. Her courageous and tenacious spirit led her to fight for a future that wasn’t in her past, one which generations before her never dreamt of.

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