The Naïve Wife: Rachel’s Diary by Ufuomaee

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Publisher: Masobe Books
This is Volume 2 of the collection.

Other books that make up ‘The Naïve Wife’ collection by Ufuomaee .

Volume 1: The Naïve Wife: Rachel’s Choice

Volume 3: The Naïve Wife: Rachel’s Hope


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Three months after making her choice between Ejike, Doug, and Dongjap, Rachel dusts off her diary…They are expecting a baby, but her marriage is not what she anticipated it would be. But that’s just normal, right? Nothing real faith and fervent prayer can’t handle…But as the years go by, Rachel wonders maybe she’s been looking at things all wrong. Maybe it’s not too late to make a different choice…Rachel’s Diary is the second volume of The Naive Wife trilogy on love, marriage, and faith. It is an entertaining and eye-opening read for singles and married folks alike.

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