The Sky Sage by Obinna Ofor and William Moore

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In the process of Zoowee earning the title of D’uzo, he is visited by a powerful spirit, and his encounter with the diety leaves him with supernatural abilities, making him one of four powerful sages. Zoowee and other sages are now called upon to keep the world from falling apart, only this time, their interests are not all aligned.

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1 review for The Sky Sage by Obinna Ofor and William Moore

  1. Deola akintola

    The sky sage is world building and story telling done right. I put down the book and wondered to myself how the author put together this amazing world building. The characters were so vast and yet distinct from each other. The story worked, as it touched on current affairs but not in a preachy way. Highly recommended. Oh, and this isn’t really a children’s book. It’s packaged like one but it isn’t.

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