Unfolding Grace by Kikelomo Kuponiyi

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Adebayo Elvis John is the first of Sir Elvis John’s four children, which made him the heir-apparent to his father’s multi-million-dollar business empire. But Bayo’s choices are uncertain at first, as he wants to venture out on his own, to build his own business. Later, he meets the beautiful and classy banker, Temisola Ibiyemi, and he wants to get married to her by all means. Soon after that, he has a life-changing encounter with God, and his life purpose is totally redirected.

With his father breathing down his neck to get involved in the family business, and Temisola causing distractions in her own way, Bayo continues to be drawn to the unreached and lost souls in remote villages, forcing not only him but all the other important people in his life to make difficult decisions. Sir Elvis John is worried his conglomerate will be left to his other unreliable children, and Temisola wants to get married or move on.

When Sir Elvis John dies unexpectedly, the stakes become higher and Bayo must choose between a comfortable life of wealth with a lovely wife or life in the jungle on his own, in order to fulfill a call to the lost. What choice does he make and what happens next? Find out in this enthralling novel about love, life, and faith.

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