What is Wrong with my Taste-ing Men? by Lara Kudayisi

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Lara Kudayisi is a seasoned Relationship Coach, Matchmaker and Therapist. Popularly known as the Matchmaking Mistress, she used her experience of a teenage pregnancy, 14 heartbreaks and 15 abortions as a stepping stone to become a Family Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Anger Management Expert, Fear Mastery Coach, Neurological Repatterning Specialist, Cognitive Behavioural Coach to mention a few.

Her passion for helping singles become emotionally whole, finding love and living a Happily Ever After is what has driven her for the past six years to create programs, courses, videos and other avenues to reach out to them and help them, which is why she has written this book to help women identify emotional dysfunction, know the type of men that is good and bad for them and how to attract the ones that are right for them.

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