Yinka, Where Is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Publisher: Narrative Landscape


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Yinka wants to find love. Her mum wants to find it for her.

But how can she find a huzband when she is surrounded by her many aunties who frequently (and loudly) pray for her delivery from singledom, has a preference for chicken and chips over traditional Nigerian food, and a bum she’s sure is far too small as a result? Oh, and the fact that she’s a thirty-one-year-old South Londoner who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage is a bit of an obstacle too…

When her cousin gets engaged, Yinka commences ‘Operation Find A Date For Rachel’s Wedding’. Armed with a totally flawless (and incredibly specific) plan, will Yinka find herself a huzband?

What if the thing she really needs to find . . . is herself?

Hilarious and wildly entertaining, this tale of love, culture, family and friendship will have you rooting hard for Yinka!

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