Efo Riro and Other Stories by Iquo Dianaabasi


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This collection is set primarily within Nigeria, and the stories here cover varied social themes including spousal abuse, religious dogma, love, bravery, betrayal and vengeance. It speaks of the untamed resilience of the everyday Nigerian who is faced with the vicissitudes of life.

We meet Sixtus the driver whose love of a particular delicacy has him biting off more than he can chew, and we laugh to our heart’s delight. But all is not humorous in this collection; anything can happen in the city of Lagos, a man disappears after a Champions League semi-final and we are drawn into his wife’s travails, we shine light on paedophilia through the keen eyes of a gossip, we take a peek at what love and lust looks like on the internet, then we head to Oguta where a ritual to revive a sick husband takes an unexpected turn. Despite the human tendency to betray and disappoint, we encounter stories that show how people tread life on a carpet of love and hope.

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