Double ‘A’ For Adventure by Daniel-Oniko Anisa


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Age level: 8-14

In the Woods a flash of white streaked through the trees and disappeared into the denseness of the forest. Meanwhile, two girls sat with their family in a brightly lit living room. The three did not know they would meet. And in a castle far away, a king and queen were worried.

Little do the different parties know that their lives are about to become intertwined.

Akano and Azino Ovie are worried about their Father. A few days ago, a letter with a blue seal arrived and ever since, he has been acting strangely. Then the twins find out that the letter, the closet in their room, and a myth of a pure white horse with gold hooves are connected. They find their whole life turned in the direction of the three. Can they survive their new life of adventure? Or will they be trampled under the hooves of it?

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