After the Rain by Amaka Azie


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Medical school student by day and nightclub stripper by night. When Miriam Dogo’s uncle threatens her family, she’s forced to dance at the Ozone Club. Terrified she’ll be recognised and her medical career will go up in smoke, she develops an exotic persona and wears a mask to protect her identity. But who is that man constantly in the audience, his beautiful eyes staring straight into her soul? And why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Miss Rain wears a shimmery golden mask and dances with an unparalleled sensuous grace. Surely Oya, the Yoruba goddess of weather, has come to life. Because no mere human could mesmerise Dr Segun Akintola so and make him long for things he’s run from for a lifetime. Night after night he sits there with eyes only for her. Until she disappears into thin air. And still, night after night he goes looking for her. Will he ever see her again?

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