Through the Fire by Amaka Azie


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Busy plastic surgeon Oke Amayo lives life on her own terms. No husband, no children, no commitments. She prefers toy boys and freedom. Then, a breast cancer diagnosis changes her mind, but only about children. Oke wants a baby, and only one man will fit the bill as her baby daddy. Can she convince her friend Arinze to sign on to her co-parenting plan without the bogus happily-ever-after that everyone knows doesn’t exist? Widower Arinze Ibeh still grieves the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. When he discovers his friend now has the disease, he immediately offers his help. But Oke wants a little something extra from him. A baby?! Arinze has dreamt of having children, but certainly not according to the unconventional terms of Oke’s proposal. Will she consider his counteroffer?

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