Through Hell With You by Anne .J. Franklin



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Isabella Bryce was running from her shackled past, and a deranged, psychotic ex with an axe to grind. All she wants is a simple life devoid of men with hideous pasts and unresolved baggage. Until Adrian Wright hammers his way into her blissfully simple life. He comes bearing both, burning through her defenses like molten lava from the pits of hell. Adrian Wright is living with the guilt of his past and the ghost of his mistakes. Nothing else matters except feeling pain and living in misery. Until Isabella crashes into his heart, tearing through the seams of his sanity and awakening feelings he thought were long died and buried. Unable to let her in, he swings his guilt her way, leaving her with more than a shattered heart. Love beacons. But the past seeks vengeance. When Adrian discovers Isabella is in danger. He must make peace with his past and find out how deeply he’s willing to walk through hell to save her.

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