Your Money & You: Personal Finance Management in Post-COVID Times by Kikelomo Kuponiyi

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As the world gradually recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are evaluating every area of their lives and operations. Personal financial management is a priority now more than ever. The last thing anyone wants to be in these times is broke and clueless. ‘Your Money and You’ provides basic rules of good money management with simple and easy to follow suggestions that will lead to significant improvements in personal finance management, and hopefully lead to the development of good money habits for a life of financial independence.

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1 review for Your Money & You: Personal Finance Management in Post-COVID Times by Kikelomo Kuponiyi

  1. Ifeoluwa Adebiyi (Staff Reviewer)

    The book “Your money and you” is a personal financial management book which explained all the basic issues that should be discussed about money. It discussed spending, earnings, savings, investment, loans, budgeting and giving in ways that are very easy to understand and implement.
    Your money and you addressed so many vital issues that need to be addressed regarding money. The book was written considering a lame man as the words were fully broken down and simply explained in such a way that anyone reading would understand. It was also very precise. Straight to the point. Less than a day read but very impactful. The book had easy to implement ideas.
    I enjoyed reading the book however, there were certain areas where I expected more such as:
    a) The matter of friendships and money was not discussed. It is something everyone experiences and should be basic enough to be discussed.
    b) Financial problem is one of the top ranking problems faced by couples. When two marry, they become one and so there should be a provision for couples when discussing basic finance.
    c) Cryptocurrency has become a general thing and everyone is aware of it these days. Many youths (the books’ main target audience) have made money or lost money from it. I was quite disappointed that the finance book did no justice to this topic other than a single mention in the area of investing.
    This book was well written and covered basic topics in finance. I would give it 3.7 stars of 5 stars.
    I would recommend this book to young adults who are just getting exposed to the concept of personal finance. The book would also be perfect for any individual who is seeking to understand the basic concepts of knowing their current financial status and handling finances. I also think this book is very simplified and good enough to be read and understood by teenagers. I recommend this to them because it is usually easier to catch them young and instill the correct money mindset in them.

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