Let Girls Dream by Patience May Onaolapo

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Beyond what its title may depict, Let Girls Dream is for everyone. Its firstly dedicated to females; your life experience does not have to be your best teacher; let the experience and knowledge of others teach you and keep you on a guided path to success.

Secondly, every man needs to understand what every great lady looks out for in a relationship and how to work and walk accordingly. This book will expose men to must-haves amongst many other things.

I hear a lot of young adults say ‘If someone told me this, or if I knew that early in life, I would not have been the way I am or I would not have made these mistakes.’ You may call this the blame game as I sometimes do, but trust me some other times, this statement is very true.  In this light, I will also encourage parents & counsellors to read this book because you cannot give what you do not have. Help your children from an early stage and imbibe in them the right attitudes, principles and values that will add to their relational and life skills. They will be eternally grateful to you.

This book contains deep, simple and easily applicable insights on relationships, self development, life matters and financial issues.

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