Mastery of Lore by Chio Zoe

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After defeating Dolton and taking back Gelsheim, Nyx is changed forever. But the war is only beginning. With a new foe more powerful than any she’s ever faced — more ancient than she ever imagined — Nyx must do all she can to stop the growing evil once and for all. Yet, as her world crumbles, and with her allies scattered and in peril, she’s the most vulnerable she’s ever been.

Egan has a new title, King of Gelsheim. With his kingdom at the dawn of war, he must do all he can to master the battle of court and gain allies — even as crooked motives and unfavorable deals threaten the very peace he seeks. When a tragedy strikes at the very heart of the kingdom, and his, Egan is forced to choose between duty and love.

With enemies at every turn, Nyx and Egan must make sacrifices for the sake of the kingdom and for the sake of the world. They must endure their choices as they ready for war.

The third book in the Memory of Stone fantasy series by Chio Zoe.

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